On behalf of Da-Professor’s Lounge, I Ra Shawn Da-Professor, host of Da-Professor’s Lounge wishes everybody a Happy New Year. Since I’ve launched my podcast nearly 3 years ago, I’ve been grateful for the support, love, encouragement and inspiration. Well I decided to have an official year end count down, which consists of several different categories of music. It’s a way to show my appreciation for many artist who continue to inspire me and to give them support. It also shows their fans how much they’re love and supported.

Da-Professor’s Lounge’s # 1 song of 2016

Jody Watley-Dancer.

The count down

  1. Jody Watley-Dancer
  2. Shalamar Reloaded-O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L.
  3. Chris Bender-Who Will I Chose
  4. The AlliYance-Cake
  5. 5.Tito Jackson-Get It Baby
  6. Shorty Roc-Feels Good
  7. Regina Belle-You Know How To Love Me
  8. Janet Jackson-Dammn Baby
  9. New Edition-This One’s For Me & U
  10. Prince-Let’s Go Crazy
  11. Natalie Cole-Snowfall On The Shara
  12. A Tribe Called Quest-Black Sm
  13. Earth Wind & Fire-Spend The Night
  14. The Whispers Toast To The Ladies
  15. Anthony Antoine-If
  16. B. Slade-Conversation
  17. Bell-Biv-DeVoe-Run
  18. Brown Baw-Afrikan Girl
  19. Tevin Campbell-Safer on The Ground
  20. Chris Rob-Special Lady
  21. Wordz-The-Poet-Emcee-Use It
  22. Chaka Khan, Mark Stevens & Taka Boom-House of Love
  23. Shelia E-Girl Meets Boy
  24. Jason Duvall Hunter-Ignore
  25. Rhianna and Drake-Work

Da-Professor’s Lounge’s favorite collabos

  1. The AlliYance and Kaoz-I know (U Still Love Me)
  2. Roger Ortega and L*A*W-She’s Breakin’ Necks
  3. Tito Jackson & Big Daddy Kane-Get It Baby
  4. Pretty Boy Rich with I.K.P. & Billy Hood-Little Drummer Boy
  5. Full Circle-Shorty Roc with Kaoz & Booder
  6. Barbra Streisand & Jamie Foxx-Climb Every Mountain
  7. Keith Sweat & Dru Hill-Missing You Like Crazy
  8. Chaka Khan, Mark Stevens & Taka Boom-House of Love
  9. Ricky Jarman & Harmonix-Lucky
  10. Fat Joe & Remy Ma-All The Way Up
  11. Rhianna & Drake-Work
  12. A Tribe Called Quest & Kendrick Lamar-Conrad Tokyo
  13. Aretha Franklin & George Michael-I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
  14. Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole-Unforgettable
  15. Keith Sweat & Silk-Tonight
  16. Snoop Dogg & Shirley Ceasar With Battlecat-U Name It
  17. Latresse Bush & Noel Gourdin-Because of You
  18. T.I. & Marsha Ambroisus-Dope
  19. Tina Turner & David Bowie-Tonite (Live)
  20. Earth Wind & Fire With The Emotions-Boogie Wonderland

Da-Professor’s Lounge’s Favorite Videos of 2016

  1. Shalamar Reloaded-The Mood
  2. Hi-Five-Kit Kat
  3. The AlliYance-Cake (The double feature version)
  4. I.K.P. You Know The Drill
  5. Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole-Unforgettable
  6. Dave-Picture Me
  7. Janet-Dammn Baby
  8. Shalamar Reloaded-O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L.
  9. The AlliYance-Sugar Water Phone Tap
  10. New Edition-This One’s For Me & U
  11. Shelia E-Girl Meets Boy
  12. Shorty Roc-Feels Good
  13. The AlliYance-Voices
  14. George Michael-Freedom
  15. Earth Wind & Fire-Spend The Night
  16. Chaka Khan, Mark Stevens & Taka Book-House of Love
  17. Rhianna & Drake-Work
  18. Prince-The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  19. Dante Hawkins-Nation Is One
  20. Bry’nt & Esquire-Las Vegas
  21. Ja Pan Nation-Official
  22. Vedo-In My Feelings


  1. Shalamar Reloaded-The Mood
  2. Hi-Five-Kit Kat
  3. Chris Bender-Pouring Like Rain
  4. New Edition-This One’s For Me & U
  5. SWV-M.C.E. Man Crush Everyday
  6. Silk-Quiet Storm
  7. Keith Sweat-Good Love
  8. Shelia E-Girl Meets Boy
  9. Billy Paul-Me and Mrs. Jones
  10. Damage-After The Love Has Gone


  1. L*A*W
  2. Chris Rob
  3. The Jacksons
  4. Vashawn Mitchell
  5. Shorty Roc
  6. The AlliYance
  7. Tony Banks
  8. Shalamar Reloaded
  9. Dru Hill
  10. SWV



  1. Melissa Etheridge-Pulse
  2. Dave-Picture Me
  3. Vashawn Mitchell-Brand New
  4. Dante Hawkins-Nation Is One


  1. Moonlight
  2. Love Under New Management The Mikki Howard Movie
  3. Surviving Compton, Dre, Suge & Michelle
  4. Bad Dad Rehab
  5. Color Me White


Tito Jackson


1.Hi-Five-Kit Kat

2. Shalamar Reloaded-The Mood

3. New Edition-This One’s For Me & U

4. Vedo-In My Feelings


  1. Bobby Brown-Every Little Step
  2. Ruth Pointer-Still So Excited
  3. Taleon Geoffrey-Infamous
  4. Darryl DMC McDaniels-Ten Ways Not To Commit Suicide


1.Regina Belle’s rendition of Phyllis Hyman’s You Know How To Love Me

2. Khalif’s rendition of Prince’s I Would Die 4 U


Tevin Campbell. Tevin released his single Safe On Ground last spring. It was his 1s single since 1999.


1.Shelia E clap back at Linda Perry for saying that she, Chaka Khan, Larry Graham and The Time wasn’t relevant enough to perform a tribute to Prince at the 2016 Billboard Awards. Producer/Songwriter Linda Perry had appeared on The Talk and the topic was Madonna being the only performer paying homage the iconic musician who had died a few weeks prior. The panel and hosts of the show was saying that the tribute should have included Shelia E, Chaka Khan, Larry Graham and The Time who worked with Prince and were his friends. Perry, who became really became a house hold name after Rock/Soul Singer/Songwriter Pink recruited her to produce her 2nd album said that the Billboard Award show was about numbers and rating and being that Madonna was still recording and touring she was relevant and that while the musicians who many felt needed to be included wasn’t relevant. The crowd booed her ass for that ignorant comment and blasted her all over the internet. Well Shelia E took action herself. A few days later, the Grammy nominated musician performed a concert and right before she finished her show, she took a break and read a speech addressing her ignorant comment and the industry’s focus on money.

This speech is copied from her Facebook page

“On Behalf of musicians, artists, creators, performers and anyone aspiring to be one of those, YOU ARE RELEVANT! It was exactly that type of attitude and comment, recently conveyed on a talk show by a misinformed guest, that Prince, Paisley Park and those who have been an extension of, continually fought, and still fight, against. The creations and the creators, contrary to fleeting popularity or fame, is what breathes life into art. The lack of understanding, and myopic view of dollars over sense is what perpetuates the ignorance that continually works against the artist, and the industry.

I am offended! #RELEVANT

After reading her speech, Sheila also added “I’m offended and as an artist, I’m gonna show you what that really means.” Shelia performed a hot drum solo with her band joining in and got a standing ovation. The icing on the cake was when the BET Awards asked her to perform a tribute to her late friend and finance Prince and Sheila represented. Not only did she perform songs they performed together in concert, she also brought Prince’s 1st wife Mayte onstage along with original and former Time member Jerome Benton and received a standing ovation and lots of love on the internet with many saying this is how you honor Prince. Fans even made a photo shop of Shelia with the caption saying Still Relevant Bitches!!

I’m glad that Shelia E addressed Sara Gilbert’s wife in a talented and classy way. Perry who hadn’t written and produced a hit in over a decade was wrong for saying that Sheila E, who is still performing and recording isn’t relevant. It seems like she wanted to become relevant by appearing on her wife’s television show and by throwing shade at talented icons who were out way before the world learned of her existence. Well her plan backfired, because not only did she get booed, she lost a whole lot of respect by many music lovers. Especially many in the LGBT community who are huge fans of Prince, Sheila E, Chaka Khan, Larry Graham, and The Time. In fact many in the community dubbed Shelia and Chaka Gay Icons for them embracing the community. Shelia E showed Linda and the world that you don’t have to be constantly in the media to be relevant. Shelia is still the most sought after female musician in the world. She dropped her solo album Icon in 2014 and released many hits including Mona Lisa and Fiesta with B. Slade, which both still get spins on radio. Shelia also performs with her father and brothers in California while traveling the world as a solo artist performing to packed and sold out shows. Sheila also dropped her memoirs in 2014 which became a best seller. Last year she reminded the fans, musicians and those who are creating arts that they are always relevant. Sheila E has my support.

2. Jody Watley clap back at TV and Howard Hewitt and Jeffrey Daniels for claiming she messed up the classic line-up’s reunion in 1996. Miss Jody wrote a blog about what really what happened during the time that Babyface had asked the trio to reunite and join LL Cool J for a remake of Shalamar’s classic This Is For The Lover In You in 1996. A video was shot and Howard and Jeffrey spoke about the video and claimed that Jody didn’t want to work with them forcing Hype Williams to shoot her seen separately. Miss Jody revealed that she was flying in from Japan when the video was being filmed and by the time she had arrived on the location where the video was shot, Jeffrey and Howard had finished shooting their scenes. Miss Jody also revealed that Hype had informed the trio that he was going to shoot them on a green scene prior to shooting. She also revealed that when it came time for them to perform on the U.K. show Tops of the Pops (which Unsung didn’t mention in Shalamar’s 2009 documentary along with them not having the group’s original lead singer Gerald Brown appear), Howard and Jeffrey didn’t want to rehearse and work with a choregrapher and that Babyface wanted to record and produce a Shalamar reunion album which didn’t happen due to Howard wanting to get more money than Jody and Jeffrey who are the original members of the group.  It seems like many are still mad at Miss Jody for leaving the group and pursuing a fruitful successful solo career and for gaining ownership of the Shalamar trademark after Howard, Jeffrey and Carolyn Griffey-Baldwin, Dick Griffey’s stepdaughter had been using photographs of the classic line-up and putting her name under Miss Jody’s picture. Miss Jody’s version of Shalamar Reloaded has been doing well. Selling out shows around the world while their singles O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L. and The Mood has been getting lots of love from fans as well as spins on internet radio.

I’m glad that Miss Jody spoke the truth about what happened and to end the lies that makes her look like she’s the evil person when in reality she went all out to work with her former band-mates who still wanna be an golden oldie act. Miss Jody even went as far to have them shine when she was asked to be the surprise closing act for the 2014 BET Awards by performing her hits and having Jeffrey and Howard join her for a medley. Miss Jody decided to have the classic line-up perform as Shalamar while having each of the members perform solos but it didn’t happen due to Howard, his ego, management trying to take over. (Miss Jody has bumped into Howard many times and when she sees him she’s very cordial. She even took pictures with him and sees him as a former collegue and has no hate towards him) Her motto is tell the real story and enough of the lies.Miss Jody has class and continues to receive love and support from her fans and online radio shows and bloggers who love her voice, looks, style of fashion, her outgoing and down to earth personality and humility. She still continues to support and embrace the LGBT Community by performing at Pride Events around the world. Miss Jody is and will always be a class act. She along with Nate, Rosero and Gerald Brown Shalamar’s original lead singer has my support and I will be copping their album “Bridges” when it drops this year.

Congratulations to those who made Da-Professor’s Lounge’s list. Continue to Strive for Excellence.